We love building from the ground up just as much as we love a great renovation, but during the life of any project, there can be so many unforeseen challenges that it can be difficult to keep track of the risks you’re running that can cost you valuable time and money. Preconstruction helps to mitigate these risks, by identifying these risks early on, we are able to analyze the situation and offer means and methods to solutions.

We’ve compiled a list of the 6 most overlooked issues we see and how to avoid them by planning ahead with preconstruction



1. The Problem:

Structural issues

Your dream home may have some design flaws that even the designer doesn’t recognize. Zoning, and soils play large roles in home building and issues can often go unnoticed until it’s too late.

How We Help:

Analyzing the design and broadcasting problems as they appear. With a team that’s dedicated to your project we work with designers and architects on what will work and what simply won’t. Saving you time and a heartbreak when it comes to the build.


2. The Problem:

Poor collaboration between consultants

There is a long list of people involved in building and renovating, so it’s easy to understand how clients can get caught up and lost in the process of passing along information, or even knowing where to find certain information.

3. How We Help:

Boswell knows the building process and manages the planning , coordinating the efforts of architects, engineers, and geologists.


4. The Problem:

Getting lost in the plan check and permit process

Everyone hates dealing with the city and county, it’s about as much fun as the DMV. And with permits and approved plans needed every step of the way, one missed permit can set you back months.

How We Help:

 Knowing what you need and when, and getting the right documents to the right people, and we know all the right people. And when the documents have been compeleted all plans and permits are kept on file, ready and waiting to by pulled for our clients.


5. The Problem:

Unrealistic schedules.

We all know the story; a schedule that sounds too good to be true, and it is. So one month turns into two, turns into three turns into a year, costing you more money and sacrificing time that you could be spending in your new home.

How We Help:

We aren’t afraid to tell the bold truth of how long a project should take. Boswell provides real world schedules for the projects based on past builds of similar projects, from taking in every factor like predicting unpredicted weather to preparing for extra reinforcements for the foundation.


The Problem:

Poor ROI.

Developer and homeowners alike can agree: it’s all about getting the return on your investment. Granite or Quartz, laminate or solid wood, who knows?

How We Help:

 We do! Boswell can guide a client through the areas and features to spend liberally and where to be conservative to raise the ROI, and keep our client’s peace of mind knowing they splurged and saved in all the right areas.


6. The Problem:

Sticker shock.

Designers and Architects want to create the best home for their clients, but sometimes they are unaware of factors in design, like the cost behind adding on that extra square footage, or creating an open-concept and wanting to take donw a support beam.  These oversights could end up costing the homeowner more money than their comfortable with shelling out.

How We Help:

Preconstruction provides budgeting as each new versions of plans are released, allowing clients to see what they’re latest plans will cost them, and what can be done to mitigate costs

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