Leading Southern California Custom Residential Builder

  • Carlos Alfaro

    Carlos Alfaro

    Senior Project Accountant

    “Working with my team to organize the chaos behind each project keeps me on my toes - I love that.” After eight years of owning my own flooring company I decided to [Read More...]

  • Monte Nueman

    Monte Nueman

    Construction Manager

    "We are given the freedom to manage our projects and teams in the style that holistically compliments the project and client. I like that freedom." After completing a combined six years of [Read More...]

  • Pete Mirande

    Pete Mirande

    Senior Construction Manager

    “I like being part of a team and accomplishing a physical goal that gives clients the opportunity to see their dreams come to reality.” What started as a hobby when I was [Read More...]

  • Keia Payne

    Keia Payne

    Business Development Director

    “I am constantly amazed by our ability to bring to life such beauty out of nothing.” With over 14 years in business development, graphic design, media, communication, branding and creative direction, I [Read More...]

  • Michael White

    Michael White

    Operations Director

    “Construction is more than putting up walls and creating spaces, it is the development of a part of everyone involved.” As my 20 year construction career has moved from the field and [Read More...]

  • Jon Mut

    Jon Mut


    “Prioritizing clients over profits, that's what Boswell is built on." My time spent leading thousands of volunteers while working with Habitat for Humanity during the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts is what laid [Read More...]