Trends in Modern Doors

The design world can’t seem to get enough of the modern trend, and Boswell clients are no exception. Clean lines and a minimalist approach to molding is the design direction, with an added emphasis on the details of the door.

There are many ways to approach a caseless door, some have been specified by the design team and some we have been able to develop over the course of the project. Here is a look at three ways we create the case-less, modern door of our client’s dreams.

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Drywall Wrapped Jamb

The most cost effective of all caseless doors, this approach takes a traditional door and wraps the drywall onto the jamb. When installed the jambs disappears into the wall and is completely hidden on both the front and back of the drywall. This look is cost effective, easy to execute, and creates a seamless look.



Metal Jambs

This is the most time efficient method, door vendors can make these metal jambs; thus only requiring them to be installed. Using this method, a specialty metal jamb is ordered, drywall is installed first and the jamb is install over the face of the drywall. The jamb is then smoothed over with drywall mud causing the jamb to disappear into the wall. Metal mud-in jambs have an easy installation but can be costly depending on the exact sizing of the door.



1088 Hillcrest - Shadow Molding

Shadow Molding Wrapped Jamb

The emergence of reglets in drywall has added a multitude of options and design features for any home. Combining a shadow molding reglet to a caseless door adds character and creates beautiful lines which break up a stark wall. To achieve this, the door jamb is installed, the drywall is cut away from the jamb and the shadow molding is inserted into the kerf and over the drywall creating a “shadow” recessed look around the door. This method can be costly and is the most time consuming due to the attention to detail require to install and create the perfect shadow molding, but ultimately can be worth it because of the unique look.

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