Our Systems

During the construction process thousands of components come together to create the finished product.  Boswell Construction uses an all-inclusive construction management software that accurately and efficiently tracks the end-to-end lifecycle for any project.  Many of the benefits which our clients will notice are:


  • Designated project access for clients, construction managers, and the design team.
  • Accurate and complete estimating abilities which provide clients with complete, transparent, and consistent pricing for projects.
  • Ability to roll estimates over to active projects enabling accurate budget tracking and scheduling.
  • Superintendent log in for construction documentation including daily reports, RFI’s, submittals and transmittals.
  • Accurate cost controls by office and field staff allowing invoice approvals to seamlessly be transmitted to remote field users for approval.
  • Job forecasting tying in subcontractor payment schedules with schedule milestones allowing for an accurate forecast of future costs and proceeds
  • Automated client billing based on schedule progress milestones and subcontractor billings.
  • Subcontractor invitations to bid, contracts, lien management, and insurance tracking.
  • Valuable and reliable reporting on critical real-time data.