At Boswell, we are actively following the developments of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak locally and throughout the country. As we navigate COVID-19, we are mindful of the social and economic impacts our response to this situation can have on employees, subcontractors, suppliers, craft workers, customers and communities.

Aligned with our core values, we continue to make safety and wellness a priority. We are taking appropriate steps to mitigate exposure and maintain transparent communications. As a company, we recognize the need to reduce the spread and potential exposure to COVID-19.

We are continuing to follow relevant local and state guidelines in our offices and in the field and are working collaboratively with our clients and partners to manage this unprecedented situation.

Boswell is taking many proactive actions to protect our people and communities, including weekly COVID-19 updates to staff as well as enforcing social distancing. Non-essential business meetings and employee participation in large business gatherings or events are postponed or moved to a virtual meeting using remote meeting technologies wherever possible. Working remotely is available and strongly encouraged where possible and practical for one’s role.

We’re committed to delivering on our promise to provide our clients with the highest level of support – no matter what.